Andjela Grozdanic is an experienced photographer specialising in corporate and business portraiture as well as celebrity photography. Her approach is very thorough in terms of understanding the specific needs of each client, their attitude and the nature of their business while staying true to her own style.

Her art direction (elegant, sophisticated and clean) helps emphasize the energy and commitment of her clients. Andjela believes that good communication and trust are an important basis for capturing good portraits – which is why she will spend time really getting to know her clients.

Approaching from every angle, understanding the needs of her clients, their business and goals while bringing her own style and creativity into each image, Andjela’s portraits tell a story of accomplished individuals and their successful lives.

“If there is anything I believe in, that has to be the moment. I know that the moment is the result of the past and the forsaking of the future. The magic moment in which everything is completely sincere creates the special photography. The ability to provoke that moment or to await patiently for it to come and than to be captured creates in me the most exciting enthusiasm which is why I have chosen to do this kind of work. (to work as a photographer)

Photography is, in my opinion, the result of different relations. The mutual reflection. Everyone that I take photographs of reflects inside of me as much as I myself reflect inside of them. The emotion that is written in the end of that process is the chemistry that we shared between us during its creation. The state we lived together brings us the final result. The sincerity of the emotions in photography is the only thing that really matters to me. I should also say that it is required if one wants to make a good portrait as long as the client is not a professional actor.

When I say sincerity I am referring to the sincerity of the relations and the trust which needs to be established with each client. I believe that there is something truly beautiful and unique in everyone which is why my mission is to take that beauty on the surface and mark it down.

The simple and elegant people, things, ambients and panoramas thrill me in the most exciting ways. For that reason I feel the strong need to multiply – or even to create it myself – everything that I personally find beautiful and see as something that belongs to those categories. I cannot say that I only do the portraits, or interiors, or weddings; I can only say that I am in the constant search for the sincerity, the harmony, and the right moments.”